Brooklyn Nets Hold Players-Only Meeting After Loss vs. Blazers


I had my questions coming into the season about the Brooklyn Nets and just how all of this would mesh together. No, not necessarily about the players themselves. The talent on the court speaks for itself and there are numerous all-stars appearances in the Nets starting lineup when they are fully healthy.

No, I more so had questions about the head coach Jason Kidd. It just bothered me that a layer could jump directly into coaching with little to no experience, let alone a team with title aspirations.

And now here we are. A couple weeks into the season, and the Nets are 3-7 and searching for answers. After getting beat handily by the Portland Trailblazers, reportedly the team held a players-only meeting.

“Just talking about the game, and what we’ve got to figure out,” Joe Johnson told The Post about the meeting.

“We’ve just got to get some chemistry, because when we get stagnant to where we can’t get a bucket, we have to have something we can go to and we’ve just got to figure it out.” (NY Post)