BSO Interview: Brandon Rios Talks Facing Manny Pacquiao, Broner-Maidana


Brandon Rios wants to retire Manny Pacquiao for daring to even believe that he’s an easy out in the ring.

Rios is using the fact that Pacquiao and his team chose the Kansas native because they felt he was the right type of opponent to make Manny look more than impressive in his return.

Rios (31-1-1, 23 KO’s) says he’s on a mission to send Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KO’s) on a permanent vacation.  Rios wants to beat Pacquiao so bad that he won’t want to continue his boxing career afterwards. Rios wants to get the fame and fortune that Pacquiao has enjoyed for so many years.

The man they refer to as Bam Bam sat down with BlackSportsOnline to talk about his Novemember 23 bout with Manny Pacquiao.


BSO: How was your training camp?

BR: Training camp was great, shit I’m ready, mentally prepared and ready.  I’m ready to compete.  Where leaving for Macao, China so we can handle some business, you know what I mean.  We’re going to get business done.

BSO: What’s it been like being able to prepare as a natural Welterweight, as opposed to always having to struggle to lose weight in your prior bouts?

BR: Well it feels good you know.  It feels good not having to lose that much.  My body feels really great this time out, and like I said before, I’m just ready as ready can be.  My power came up to 147 with me.

BSO: Speaking of that power, you’re an incredible puncher at times, who forte is punching with power.  How do you expect Manny Pacquiao to respond and react to you and your power in his first bout after being left face down, out cold against Marquez? 

BR: Honestly we don’t we are just getting ready for the Manny Pacquiao we know.  We don’t know how he is mentally, we don’t know how he’s going to respond coming off of his last fight.  We’re getting ready for the dominant Pacquiao, but we are going to see how he feels, we will see how he responds to getting touched by me.  We shall see if he got older over night. I’m young and I want it more than he does.

Mike Alvarado vs Brandon Rios

BSO: What’s your opinion of people in the media who say you don’t have a chance, or you were handpicked by the Pacquiao camp to stand right in front of him, and help him look spectacular?

BR: Well it’s whatever at this point.  It’s just f*cking talk.  I’m just going to have to go out and prove em wrong.  I’m ready for this motherf*cker, and I’m going to prove them all wrong.  People can say what they want about me being a punching bag and this and that.   I just want to shut up all the f*cking critics.  If they really did handpick me, so be it.

BSO: Are you and Manny Pacquiao friendly at all?  Is there animosity between the two camps, specifically animosity from you towards him?

BR: No, no friends, f*ck him.  I’m never friends with my opponents.  Besides that giant interview we had, hell no, we not friends.

BSO: What are your thoughts on the opportunity to possibly end the career of Manny Pacquiao?

BR: That’s exactly what’s going to happen.  That’s what I’m aiming for.  That’s my job, that’s what has me going, so I can be the one to retire Pacquiao.

BSO: Do you have an opinion or prediction on the Broner-Maidana bout coming up in a few weeks?

BR: Maidana’s going to whip his ass.  I think Maidana is going to be in great shape because I see him everyday.  He’s working hard, working well.  I know he’s going to come strong, and he’s going to come ready.  If Broner is not in tip top shape, and to focused on his rap career, I think it’s going to be easy work for Maidana, a knockout.

BSO: Do you have any idea who you might want to face next? 

BR: Naw man I don’t have anybody in mind, or anybody scheduled.  I’m just focused on Manny Pacquiao bro.




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  • Hey Bro .. you eat what you just said. You did became a punching and it’s you who I think should retire now.

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