Buccaneers Won’t Rule Out Drafting A QB


This is assuming Greg Schiano still has a job next may.

JoeBucsFan is reporting that Schiano won’t rule out drafting a quarterback in the loaded 2014 NFL Draft, even though rookie Mike Glennon is already entrenched.

“To start with on Mike, you know, as we talked about as Mike took over the job, we have a whole season here to be able to see how he’s improving, how he’s progressing. Up until this time I think he’s doing a great job. So I have no reason to believe that’s just not going to keep moving forward and doing the same thing. But we’ll have plenty of time to evaluate where we in the draft and all those things when the appropriate time comes,” Schiano said. “Right now, we’re just trying to give our players the best chance to win and Mike’s one of those guys. Like I said, he’s doing an incredible job of preparing for the games all week long and then going out and executing the game plan pretty much just the way we ask him. And when you get a guy doing that, as a coach you get excited.”

Not a surprising answer from Schiano.