Bucks Trying to Stop a Strip Club From Being Built Next to Arena


I should point out the Bucks players and fans have no say in this, but Bucks management seems to have a problem with it.

What could possibly go wrong with a strip club across the street from a basketball arena?

The Milwaukee Admirals, Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University sent a letter to the city Friday opposing the idea, according to a news release issued Tuesday.

“Without a doubt, the presence of a strip club will change the way our neighborhood is perceived and hurt our business,” the letter said.

The letter noted that the space is in a city parking garage where many Bradley Center customers park, so they would be forced to pass the strip club on their way to the center. Many attendees are families with young children, the letter said.

I do get the kids part, but it isn’t like the strippers would be out on the street (I would hope not any way).

Brandon Jennings wished he stayed in Milwaukee now.