Cam Newton Credits “Fish-Only” Diet for His Success This Season


It is more likely an improved defense and more balance offense are the reasons for the Panthers improvement, but Cameron also credits his new diet for his success.

While hosting his 2nd annual “Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam” in NC last night (very good cause, helped feed over 700 underprivileged kids), he let the world know that he won’t be having any Turkey this Thanksgiving.

Cam says he’s been on a pescetarian diet for 8 months — and this will be his first Turkey Day sans meat or fowl.

“It’s kind of challenging my parents and my grandmother to think outside the box to try to incorporate fish,” Cam said … noting that his diet has been good luck this NFL season.

Newton added that his diet has been challenging at times — “especially being around in the locker room and gets guys eating hot wings, nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.”

When a reporter asked if Cam had any good seafood in Miami this past weekend — Cam quipped back, “I had some great Dolphin.”

Very smooth troll of the Dolphins.