Caption the Photo: Kobe Gives Nick Young the Death Stare


Kobe mask

Didn’t take long for Swaggy P to be benched and get this look from Kobe.


  1. Nick Young surprised me when he said he’s going for sixth man of the year. That shows some serious growth from what I understood him to be like (rather than sulking and asking WHY ME?).
    BTW why is there no discussion here about this “Death Stare”? What was it for?; and what did it mean?

  2. Robert, why are you trying to stir the pot when nothing is there, I mean hell Kobe can’t even look at someone and it’s a death stare, really get a life !!!!!

  3. Kobe is only about the GAME! Remember when people made fun of Chris Rock when he was sitting beside Kobe, and he was going on and on about something, and Kobe was only focused on the game? Same thing here. Kobe doesn’t even see Nick Young.

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