Carmelo Anthony Says Knicks Can’t Go to a “Dark Place”

Carmelo Anthony

Melo does know that JR Smith is coming back, so it might only get darker for the Knicks. Melo coming off his 32 points on 28 shots and 2 assists performance in a loss to the Bobcats had this to say.

“I believe we’ll get out of this. We’ve got to remain positive. It’s easy to go into a dark place right now,” Anthony said after shooting 10-for-28 against the Bobcats. “It’s easy to listen to all that negativity that’s going to be coming our way, but we’ve got to stay together as a unit, as a team, remain positive and get through this.”

“There’s no need to try and pinpoint this or pinpoint that, we’re just not getting it done,” Anthony said.