Carmelo Anthony Says The Knicks Aren’t Worth a Sh*t


Carmelo has questioned the Knicks effort all season, but the message doesn’t seem to be getting through. The Knicks lost at home again, this time to the Hawks by 20 points and Melo went off.

We ain’t playing worth a s— right now,” Anthony said. “We got to play harder.

“I am disappointed too in all of our effort. We are just not getting it done. It ain’t nothing that Coach [Mike] Woodson is doing [or not doing]. It ain’t got nothing to do with X’s and O’s out there on the basketball court. We are not getting it done from an effort standpoint. It’s like we are not even trying right now.”

“You just got to do more I guess,” Anthony said. “Just try to go out there and get it done as a team. I am not going to do it by myself. I don’t want to do it by myself. We got to do it as a team. We keep digging ourselves deeper and deeper.

7 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Says The Knicks Aren’t Worth a Sh*t

  • It clear that Melo is the problem. The guy has lived off of the hype from his NCAA title from 10 yrs ago. He FORCED his way out of Denver were he only got out of the 1st rd ONCE. And he has done NOTHING in NY. But I’m sure the media will keep giving him a pass and find someone else to blame! The guy is FAT and doesn’t play defense.

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