Carmelo On Amare’ Stoudemire: The Easy Thing To Do Is Point Fingers

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I think the brewing friction between Carmelo Anthony and Amare’ Stoudemire is set to come explode.

In Melo you have a superstar who is struggling to get over the hump and keep up with peers like LeBron James, and Kevin Durant.

In Amare’ you have a player who tries to act and conduct himself as if he was a star, but who simply is a player at this point that should hang it up.

Stoudemire fired the first Salvo on Tuesday when

That of course was an obvious shot at Carmelo and J.R. Smith.   Wednesday, Anthony dismissed Stoudemire comments by telling the New York Post that Stoudemire was barking up the wrong tree.

“It’s just defense at this point,’’ Anthony said. “The easiest thing to do is try to point fingers and trying to figure out what’s going on — [like] ball movement. At the end of the day it’s defense, we’re not guarding anybody.”

Anthony of course is aware that it’s easy for Stoudemire and others to blame the lack of ball movement on him.  He always has the ball.

“It’s easy to do because at the end of the day, I have the ball most of the offense,’’ Anthony said. “When you hear that, where it’s coming from, why is it being said, the real reason we’re not winning is we’re not defending. We’re not believing or trusting in one another on the defensive end.’’



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  • Things are tough in O&B right now. Last thing we need is a come explosion.


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