Carmelo Worried About Teammates Mental Health After 5th Straight Loss


Carmelo Anthony makes enough money to ensure that all his teammates can see a therapist.

Newsday is reporting that Anthony is concerned about his teammates mental makeup after they dropped their fifth straight in a 98-89 loss to the Wizards.

After the loss the the Wizards, Anthony said he was staying positive, but was concerned about his teammates and their though process.

“It’s a very tough time right now,” Anthony said. “It’s a time where you can easily put your head down and mope around. But I can’t do that. I got to be there for myself, I got to be there for my team.

“I worry about other guys doing that. This is tough for anybody to go through. Especially games you believe you should be winning, guys feel they should be playing better, we feel like we should be playing better as a team. Guys could easily lose confidence in a situation like that.”