Cavs Fan Start a “Come Home LeBron” Campaign

Come Home LeBron

Before I give my thoughts, here are the fans “MASTER PLAN” according to Bleacher Report, via

“Last year when James Blair stormed the court, I was watching at home,” said Raggi, who grew up in Cuyahoga Falls but now lives in Cranberry Township, Pa. “My partner was at the game, sitting two rows in front of James Blair. We saw the fans’ reaction, overwhelming. We got to talking, ‘We might have something here.'”

Before the Cavs host the Heat, Raggi, Blair and supporters will pass out 2,000 bright green T-shirts at three tables outside the Q from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. Those who take a picture wearing the shirt and tweet @ComeHomeLebron will be eligible to win 2014-15 Cavs season tickets.

But that’s just the start of their campaign, aimed at getting James to leave Miami for the Cavs in free agency in July. On Monday, a Come Home LeBron billboard will go up near James’ alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, for four or eight weeks. Another is slated for Interstate 71 at Pearl Road at the end of December for one week; it will return in mid-February and remain until the end of March.

The group does not want to make money but seeks a sponsor it can put on its T-shirts and billboards to help cover committed expenditures that have already reached $50,000. Bumper stickers are also being considered.

The Cavs and two-time NBA champion Heat meet for three games this season, the last at the Q on March 18, when Raggi and his crew hope to distribute 10,000 T-shirts. Some will be passed out Dec. 14 at the opening of the renovated St. V-M gymnasium, funded by a $1 million donation from James.

Now my reaction.


I feel for Cavaliers fans, I really do, but nothing suggests that LeBron would even remotely consider going back to the Cavs.

He will never forget what Dan Gilbert said about him, how the fans burned his jerseys and spoke about him. Plus and I am not trying to be mean but who moves from Miami to Cleveland?  LeBron lives on the beach, is a KING no pun intended in Miami and his wife is opening a Juice Bar.  It is highly unlikely he is going anywhere.

Never forget, LeBron is from Akron that is where his loyalty lies, not to Cleveland. These guys are just wasting their money and it is very sad.