Chip Kelly Says Eagles Run The “See Coast Offense”


Chip didn’t revolutionize the NFL, but his offense has been effective for the most part.

Chip doesn’t like his offense being typecast as a College Offense like Bruce Arians said, he has a better way to look at it.

“I don’t think it’s an offense,” Kelly told reporters on Thursday.  “I think it’s a play.  And we don’t run read option if you want to get really technical.  We run a zone read play every once in awhile.  It’s like saying our offense is a power offense because we run the power play.  Or the old Green Bay Packers, their offense was the Green Bay sweep offense and it isn’t.  Everybody’s got a bunch of plays they run offensively, whether everybody’s got a quick game, everybody’s got screen, everybody’s got drop back, everybody’s got out‑of‑pocket, power, counter, inside zone.  I never looked at it as an offense.”

“Here is our offense,” Kelly said.  “We run the See Coast offense.  If we see something and we like it and we think it fits, we’re going to run it.  The Philadelphia Eagles run the See Coast offense.  Let’s run that today and we’ll go from there.”

I agree with Chip, every team runs an offense, as long as it works, I couldn’t care less about what it is called.