Chip Kelly: We’re Hoping Mike Vick Will Be Ready To Go After Bye



Eagles fans can read into that statement whatever they like.

Either Chip Kelly really does abide by the principal of competition everyday, or really intends to give Michael Vick another shot at the starting quarterback position.

During his normal Monday presser, Kelly told the media that he’s hoping Michael Vick will be ready to go after the Eagles return from the bye week.

According to Eagles Insider, Kelly said he would sit down with Vick and Nick Foles to discuss the quarterback job.

I’m not sure Kelly can ever go back to Vick at this point, and it could back fire if he’s playing mind games with Foles to help keep him motivated.


  1. it looks like the smart thing to do to keep playing foles. but on the other side of it, vick has just been plain unlucky. the times he played was against better teams. while foles has played nothing but scrub teams so far. at least he is taking advantage and shining against those teams though.

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