Colorado Makes Students Attend Women’s Bball Game To Get Kansas Tix

Colorado State Womens Basketball

It seems like bribery is the new way colleges are getting their students to support women’s basketball. Kansas State used bacon and now Colorado is using Andrew Wiggins.

Colorado students looking to attend the December 7 match-up against Kansas will have to attend the women’s basketball game this Wednesday against Iona. According to the website, here’s how the athletic department will make sure no one dips out early.

“You will swipe your Buff OneCard and receive a wristband, which you will need to keep on. Your wristband guarantees you your ticket to the Kansas game. If you leave the Events Center prior to the conclusion of the game, your wristband will be removed. At the conclusion of the women’s basketball game, you will be asked to go onto the court to the ticket office representatives where you will be handed your ticket and your wristband will be removed. At the Kansas game on December 7, you will be asked to present your ticket with your Buff OneCard for admittance. Only those students with tickets will be able to attend the Kansas game.”

I expect the house will be packed, but as a player I would feel some type of way knowing fans were basically forced to attend.