Dana White: ‘Officials Should be put in Submissions before being Allowed to Judge’

Dana White

With the controversial decision during UFC 167, which saw Welterweight champ, George St-Pierre defeat Johny Hendricks via split decision, UFC president, Dana White, has voiced his displeasure with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and their lack of quality officials for MMA.

“One thing that I wanted everything to understand that night — because people don’t understand — I wanted to make it absolutely clear that we in no way, shape or form — have any input whatsoever on the judges or the referees. We don’t pick them, we have nothing to do with them, it’s the complete opposite. And, obviously, I was a little fired up on Saturday night. But, I wanted to make it absolutely clear to everybody out there watching that we have nothing to do with judges and/or refs … the athletic commission does, which is the government…. I don’t think you should be judging or reffing a fight unless you’ve actually rolled and know what a submission feels like. And how about knowing what a submission is, know what that is first? How about you know what a submission is, much less mixed marital arts.”

Boxing and MMA have big judging issues in Nevada, especially with the added influence of casinos.  I don’t see a real, concrete change coming anytime soon.

H/T: MMA Mania, MMA Fighting