Darrell Green Questions RG3’s Leadership & Ability as a Passer

Darrell Green

I respect Darrell Green, I just think he is falling into the trap of believing just because RG3 can run, he is just a running quarterback.

I believe just like all Young QBs RG3 will have his ups and downs, but is being stereotype because he is black and fast, like that is some sort disease.

Here is what Green had to say courtesy of Pro Football Talk

Asked by the host the state of affairs for the Redskins, Green replied: “It’s not very good. It’s not very good, . . . I think that it’s been rough, but it looks like the kid — and I’m talking about RGIII — it looks like he’s starting to get it back. But I just feel so bad that you would have a system where it’s all predicated on this guy running. He’s the second rusher on the team. It doesn’t work, in my opinion.”

Green was also asked about the leadership issue on the 3-6 team.

“I think that’s the problem,” Green answered. “I think it’s SUPER important to have leadership, and I don’t think he really IS the leader. . . .

“I don’t know if they have a leader. . . . Well, London Fletcher is, but I’ve been that old player before. And you’re a moral leader, people love you and respect you, but you’re really not the leader. You’re not. And really, you shouldn’t be. Because in my opinion, the leadership should come from the offensive side of the ball, because the game is such an offensive-based game.”

It hasn’t even been two full seasons, sp I think it is a little early to make these type of blanket statements, but that is the media world we live in now.