DeAndre Jordan and Andrew Bogut Exchange Shoves (Video)



Things got a little bit heated in yesterday’s game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors. During the 2nd quarter, a shoving match ensued between DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers and Andrew Bogut of the Warriors after Bogut gave DeAndre a nice, hard foul in the paint. Check out the video below.

First of all DeAndre Jordan overreacted. That was a smart (and legal might I add) foul committed by Bogut since Jordan is known for his terrible free throw shooting. It looks to me like DeAndre was trying to intimidate Bogut and was shocked when he did not back down but instead pushed him back. Both players received technical fouls and the Clippers rallied to beat the Warriors 126-115. There is clearly some bad blood between these teams after CBS Sports reports surfaced that the Clippers refused to hold chapel with the Warriors. Could another in-state rivalry be brewing?

One thought on “DeAndre Jordan and Andrew Bogut Exchange Shoves (Video)

  • You can tell Bogut wasn’t messing around by the way Jordan flew back several feet when he got shoved. Jordan looked pretty fake with the whole pulling up the shorts move. Based on experience, guys that do all that extra stuff in a fight are just stalling. They’re like peacocks, trying to let everyone know how tough they are. Real tough guys never need to announce they want to fight someone. They just punch right away with no questions asked. Jordan sure ain’t Metta World Peace.

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