Derrick Rose: “I’m Not Playing Well Right Now”

Derrick Rose Admits He's Playing Poorly.

After squandering a 20-point lead against Philadelphia last night, Derrick Rose is taking the blame.

Rose hasn’t been the Rose were all accustom to. He’s shooting a dreadful 28.8 percent overall and 27.6 percent from distance.

What’s even more troubling is the high volume of turnovers. Rose has 17 turnovers through three games, which is nearly six a contest. He had seven of those in the second half alone against last night.

Rose understands he must play better.

“You can call it whatever you want to call it,” Derrick Rose said after his 13-point, 4-for-14 shooting, eight-turnover game in the Bulls’ Saturday-night loss to the 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. “I’m not playing well right now.”

“I would have to say the turnovers,” Rose responded when asked what bothered him most about his performance. “The missed shots, I could deal with. My rhythm’s going to come. But the turnovers, I had two or three in a row. We couldn’t afford them at the time. But all I could do is work hard and like I said, it’s going to come to me.

“Me just doing too much, overthinking the play,” he continued when asked why they were occurring. “Easily could have dropped the ball to Booz or Jo, but just thinking too much. But it can easily be fixed. We blew a lead and at the end, they got to almost every loose ball, hit almost every shot they needed to win the game.”