Derrick Rose Leaning Toward Meniscus Reattachment, Likely Ending His Season

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You don’t have to be a doctor to understand Rose’s two options.

1- Take out the Meniscus completely and come back in a few weeks.

2- Reattach the Meniscus and be out for around 6 months.

The problem with taking it out completely is that it has long term repercussions and can shorten your career, so it is probably best to have it reattached and that is what it appears Rose is leaning towards according to KC Joyner.

Sources said Rose likely will opt to have the meniscus reattached, which would be better for the long-term but sideline him longer. Team physician Brian Cole, who repaired Rose’s left ACL, is the leading candidate to perform this surgery as well.

It is likely if that is done Rose won’t come back this year and I doubt the Bulls after the fiasco that happened last year, would even push for a return that at best would be very late in the season.