DeSean Jackson: We Need Fan Support At Home, Not Boos (Video)

DeSean Jackson

The Philadelphia Eagles have done the unthinkable, losing 10 straight games at home.

This is Philadelphia of course, and ineptitude at home just isn’t going to be accepted around these parts.  DeSean Jackson has been with the Eagles long enough to know that, but he still feels like the fans could do more to support the team.

Jackson spoke Tuesday during his weekly address to the media, and was passionate about the team “needing the fans support at home, not boos.’

“[We need] everybody in the stands really encouraging instead of the opposite,” Jackson said. “Trying to get that energy to be on our side. I feel like it’s against us sometimes.”

Jackson said he doesn’t blame the fans for the 10-game losing streak but does think it can’t hurt to be supportive when things don’t go well instead of raining boos down on the Lincoln Financial Field turf.

“Going into the game sometimes, when you’re three minutes into a game when you hear boos and things like that, that’s kind of crazy to hear,” Jackson said after practice Tuesday.

“[I would] never blame that for the reason you’re losing, because you’re a professional athlete and you’ve got a job to do go out there and win a game. Within our locker room, there’s no game where we feel we don’t have a shot to win a game.

“We already have to beat our opponent. Now we’re trying to fight our fans. That energy to help us go out there and help us [get an] interception, delay of game penalty, whatever it is, we need them on our side, not against us.

“Can’t blame anybody but ourselves for losing a game. As long as we have that energy to help us go out there and win, that’s all we need.”


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  • you will be playing the Redskins this weekend and they will find a way to creatively lose. The streak will end.

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