Desmond Howard On Dolphins: “What Level Of Coonery Is Going On Locker Room?”



Desmond Howard made an appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter Friday morning, and was asked his opinion on the Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin harassment case going on in Miami.

Howard didn’t sugarcoat things when he explained that he had spent a lot of years in the NFL, and what went on in Miami wasn’t hazing, but harassment.

When the former Heisman Trophy winner started discussing the perception that Dolphins’ players felt Richie Incognito was blacker than Jonathan Martin, and that Incognito was thought of as an honorary black man in the locker room, Howard delivered ether to all those involved.

‘What level of coonery is goin on in the Dolphins lockerroom that Richie is “honorary blk man” who uses the n word that way?”


We now have a small video of Howard delivering the ether to the Dolphins.

H/T Firework P


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