Dez Bryant Didn’t Know Taking Off Your Helmet on The Field Was a Penalty


Dez Bryant was blessed with such amazing physical gifts, but I beg of him to start using his brain. This is something that all players should know.

Here is the quote from Larry Brown Sports.

“I wasn’t angry at the ref,” he told reporters, according to The Dallas Morning News. “I was trying to see what the call was. I thought they called pass interference on the defense. When I was trying to come out of my break, the guy was tugging on me a little bit and I was trying to break away from it.

“He threw the flag and the whole time I’m thinking it’s a flag on him. Then I took my helmet off and I didn’t know that that was a penalty. I was kind of shocked and then I heard the ref say, ‘He took his helmet off.’ I know now not to take my helmet off. If you go back and look at the play, you’ll see I’m shocked. I’m confused.”

When my daughter was in daycare, they had to say the following phrase each morning.


I want Dez to say this before every game, he has to learn to keep his emotions in check, because when he doesn’t it costs his team.  The interesting thing is the take your helmet off rule was inspired by Emmitt Smith who loved to take his helmet off after every TD.