Dwight Howard Called Police on Fan Who Hit Him in the Head With Basketball


Dwight Howard Clown

There is a funny twist to this, but first check out the details.

Multiple sources tell TMZ … the Houston Rockets star was walking toward the tunnel to the locker room at Staples Center after losing to the Clippers Monday night when a basketball came out of the stands and smacked him in the head.

We’re told Dwight was furious … believing whoever had the ball hurled it at him on purpose. Dwight immediately went to stadium security to report the incident and pushed for the offender to be arrested.

Sources say security found the person who had the ball — a 22-year-old man — and detained him inside the stadium to conduct an investigation. We’re told the LAPD was also involved.

Come to find out the fan just wanted Dwight’s autograph and the ball accidentally slipped out of his hands. The video footage in the arena backed up his story and he was released by security.

Dwight is a bit sensitive these days, so I could see why he reacted the way he did.


  1. I’d like to see that video. They say they viewed the video and were able to decide the ball accidently slipped from his hands, hit Howard in the head AND this was at the bball arena in LA. Lies you tell (in my Tamar Braxton voice)!

  2. Dwight you are an overpaid loser! shut your stupid hole and play ball you baby.

    and if you want to come play a pick up game against me. please do. ill show you why your over paid.

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