Eagles Jason Avant Says Patrick Peterson Isn’t A Shutdown Corner


Jason Avant can say whatever he likes, he rarely plays, and Patrick Peterson won’t be covering him.

Avant was trying to make a point about Peterson and the respect the Eagles have for him.  Avant likely disrespected Peterson with his impulsive comments.

Avant said that Peterson isn’t a shutdown corner.  Not because Peterson isn’t talented, but “because there are no shutdown corners in the NFL.”

According to Thacover2, Avant believes that shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL are extinct. Avant says “NFL passing offenses are so advanced — and NFL rules are so favorable to those offenses — that there’s really no cornerback in football who can be relied upon to consistently shut down the other team’s top receiver.”

“There’s no shutdown corners in this league.”

“That’s just the honest truth. There are very, very, very good players and [Peterson is] a very, very good player and that’s just what you have. But in this league, with all of the rules and all of the things that that can transpire when the quarterback is accurate, there is no one that can literally be lock down. He’s in the top two or three best, but there’s still no lock down.”

As I stated earlier, Avant won’t be covered by Peterson, so he can make any kind of blind statement he chooses to.  DeSean Jackson will be able to tell Avant how good Peterson really is.