Employees at Peyton Manning Papa John’s Upset Store Stayed Open After Robbery

Peyton Manning, John Schnatter

If I am working somewhere and the place gets robbed at gunpoint I am going home. It’s likely I am never coming back, so I can see why some employees are a little shaken up that after being robbed, the Papa John’s Peyton Manning owns stayed open.

We spoke to several employees who were on-duty during the Nov. 17 robbery … and they tell us two workers have already quit, one has taken a month leave, and several others have been calling in sick. More still have filed complaints with Papa John’s HQ.

We’re told the employees (nearly a dozen) are also claiming the district manager ignored police advice to close up shop for the night … out of consideration for the workers’ emotional distress.

Peyton owns several Papa John’s in the area, he should probably stop by and give them a pep talk.