ESPN MLB Insider Tim Kurkjian Jokes About Small Penis


tim kurkjian small dic


Best to just stick to talking about baseballs and not your own, Tim.

ESPN’s MLB insider Tim Kurkjian (not be confused for Buster Olney) made an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show on Friday and well…stuff got weird.

Kurkjian was asked what he would do if he was at a urinal and another man was staring at him–and for some reason Kurkjian was all too blunt in his reply:

Well, he wouldn’t be staring for very long, believe me. Where are you gonna go? You’re stuck. What are you gonna do? What, are you gonna stop in the middle? You can’t do that. That’s impossible. That’s biologically impossible to do that, so, I would just stand there and finish up, I mean…I would just stand there and I would let him do whatever he wants and then run out of the bathroom.

I would ask him to elaborate on the ‘do whatever he wants’ part, but I’m already starting to feel queasy.

Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

Via Deadspin