Ex-49ers OL Found Guilty of Pulling His BF’s Underwear Down in Restaurant

Kwame Harris Mugshot Soy Sauce

The lesson to be learned here is never try to put soy sauce in Kwame Harris’ rice.

Harris was angry that his boyfriend at the time, Dimitri Geier, tried to put soy sauce on Harris’ rice at Suh Hong restaurant on Menlo Avenue.

Harris then accused Geier of stealing his underwear and tried to pull down the boyfriend’s pants to prove he was wearing the stolen pair, authorities said.

Harris, 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds, pinned Geier against a plate-glass window and hit him several times in the face and head, hard enough to cause facial fractures that required surgery and the insertion of a metal plate, according to San Mateo County prosecutors.

Harris was found guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and acquitted of felony domestic violence and felony assault counts.

He will be sentenced this coming Tuesday.