Ex-Cane Dan Sileo Fired After Putting $1K Bounty on FSU RB

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Former Miami Hurricane and Sports Talk Radio Host Dan Sileo has been fired from his show on WMEN 640-AM after putting a bounty out of FSU RB Devonta Freeman as seen here:

Dan Sileo Tweets Bounty

This guy never really learns though because he has already been fired once this year after he suggested that Erin Andrews do porn. This is actually his third firing in the past 30 months, going back to March of 2012 when he referred to three NFL free agents as “monkeys” so that begs the question: why do people keep hiring this guy? For a “shock jock” his ratings aren’t even good so if your ratings stink and you make ridiculous comments via twitter and your show, you won’t have a job long.

Here is the station’s statement:

 “As a result of Dan Sileo’s action on his personal Twitter account on November 3, 2013, WMEN has terminated his independent contractor relationship with the station. The ownership, staff, and management of WMEN 640 Sports do not condone his actions which have no place in sports”