Fan Sues Kansas City Royals After Being Hit By a Hot Dog

KC mascot

A fan is suing the Kansas City Royals after being injured when he was hit by a hot dog thrown into the stands by the team’s mascot. According to Fox News, John Coomer of Overland Park, Kan is seeking damages from the club after a 4-ounce, foil wrapped hot dog was thrown into the stands striking him in the eye. As a result Coomer had to have two eye surgeries, one to repair a detached retina and another to remove a cataract that resulted from the injury.

Coomer’s attorney Robert Tormohlen, says his vision is now worse and that he has had to pay roughy $4800 in medical costs. Although he would not discuss the actual amount, the lawsuit states that Coomer is seeking “over $20000”.

Two years ago, Jackson County jurors ruled against Coomer stating he was at fault for his injury for not being aware of what was going on around him. In January, an appeals court overturned the decision ruling that while a baseball or broken bat is an obvious risk fans assume, a hot dog is not.

If Coomer wins his case this could change the way a lot of organizations provide their fans with entertainment. Nobody would be allowed to throw anything into the strands including t-shirts or team memorabilia. Do you think Coomer has a legit case against the Kansas City Royals?

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  • It would be one thing if he was seeking $20 million. But the guy is only asking for $20,000+ for what seems to be a documented eye injury, I think the Royals should make the goodwill gesture and give him the money.

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