Floyd Mayweather Crowned WBC Supreme Champion

Floyd Mayweather Throne

Yet another honor for Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  The 165 countries that make up the World Boxing Council (WBC) voted unanimously to honor Mayweather with the Supreme Championship.  The first and only to be given the honor.  The announcement was made at the council’s annual conference, held this year in Bangkok, Thailand

“It’s a recognition of our admiration to a champion who has conquered 5 titles in the same amount of divisions, plus he has earned the WBC diamond and emeritus titles and the golden belt. He also has broken every boxing record…this title is not another championship – but an honorific award to Mayweather who is now among the best fighters in history beside the King of Boxing Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Duran and more”

Mayweather will be honored with the title in Las Vegas later this year.

H/T: The Boxing Scene