Floyd Mayweather Denies He’s a Woman Beater; Says Baby Mama on Drugs

Josie Harris 4

Floyd  Mayweather recently sat down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine to talk boxing and his love for women.

The pound for pound best in the sport of boxing denied beating Josie Harris, who is the mother of two of his children.  Floyd told Sister 2 Sister that Josie is a druggie, who instigated the fight that got him sent to jail.

“Okay, I just want to say, what I do for a living, I’m in a contact sport, right? And if they say someone had bodily harm done to ‘em, since I’m already a fighter, before even giving me a chance, they’re going to say. “He’s guilty.” Now, restraining a woman that’s on drugs and alcohol, have I ever done that? Yes, from going crazy.

“Holding them like, “Relax. You’ve been drinking. You’re not 100 percent coherent. Relax.” You know, to where they say, “Okay, he’s kicked and beat a woman,” but we’ve yet to have proof. Of course if Floyd Mayweather has brutally beaten a woman, you’re going to show pictures. And like I always say, no disrespect to the Simpson family, but you’ve seen OJ and Nicole. No disrespect to Chris Brown and Rihanna, but you’ve seen Rihanna. But you’ve yet to see pictures of Floyd Mayweather and a battered woman. And the thing is, if I’m beating all these women, why do so many women find me interesting and want to be within my circle?”