Former S Carolina RB Lied About Getting Shot, Actually Shot Himself

kenny miles

Former South Carolina running back Kenny Miles is in a bit of trouble. Back on November 4th he told police that someone tried to rob him for his money and championship rings and shot him. Now it turns out that he really just pulled a Plaxico and shot himself. From the Sporting News:

“I was scared and worried how my actions would be perceived. I only made matters worse by not telling the truth. I make no excuses for my behavior,” Miles said in the statement issued by attorney Neal Lourie.

The county sheriff did not find this very funny. Here is his statement:

“We did a very intensive investigation — wasted a lot of manpower, a lot of time on,” Lott said at the news conference in Columbia. “I hope the courts rule that he will reimburse the sheriff’s department and the taxpayers of Richland County for the time and effort we put into it.”

I can understand that Miles was embarrassed to tell the police that he shot himself like Cheddar Bob in 8 Mile, however it’s really not a good look to just flat out lie to the cops. After all this trouble though, Miles has been placed on leave from his job as a messenger for the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

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  • You have heard of America’s dumbest criminals, this guy is one of America’s dumbest athletes!

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