Freddie Roach Predicts Pacquiao Will KO Rios Within 4 Rounds



Rios has been knocked down early in his career, but since that time he has shown a pretty good chin against some strong punchers.

Roach predicted a KO within 6 rounds not too long ago, now he is predicting one within 4 rounds.

“Manny’s last training session was nothing short of amazing,” Roach said. “We were supposed to do six rounds on the mitts and I cut it off after four rounds. They were the best four rounds of mitts I have ever done with Manny. He was blazing. He was throwing the heat.

“This was the happiest and most productive camp I have had with Manny in years. I know I predicted that Manny would knock Rios out inside six rounds, but based on our last workout, I don’t see how Rios makes it past the fourth round.”