Freddie Roach Says Ariza Kicks Like a Girl & Pacquiao Will Avenge Him


I am excited for the fight, mainly because everyone knows that Brandon Rios is coming to fight. This isn’t going to be a very technical bout, Rios is going to try to knock him out.

I think that is why Freddie Roach is so confident, because those are the type of fighters Manny normally disposes of fairly quickly.

Here is what Freddie had to say.

“(Pacquiao) said to me, ‘Are those the guys that made fun of you?’ and I said yes, and he said, ‘That’s all I need to know,’ and he walked away,” Roach told The Associated Press on Thursday.

“He told me he’s going to take care of this guy quickly.”

Roach, 53, was kicked by former co-worker and Pacquiao cornerman Alex Ariza — now in the Rios camp assisting head trainer Robert Garcia — and while Roach initially called for police to arrest Ariza, he laughed off the seriousness of the confrontation a day later.

“What (Ariza) doesn’t realize is that Manny hits me 10 times harder every day. It was like a girl kicking me,” Roach said.

It should be interesting however long it lasts.

Check out the video of the altercation.