Freddie Roach Wants Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez…Again



Freddie Roach didn’t take much time enjoying his fighter’s victory over Brandon Rios; he’s already begun campaigning for Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent.

“We wanted to fight the rematch with Marquez, that was my first choice, but we couldn’t get him to come to the table” – Roach

Roach seems to think that Juan Manuel Marquez would be the best fight for Pacquiao but I’m not sure if fans would be as excited to see a fifth instalment of this matchup. The last fight was the perfect storm for both fighters. It took in a good amount of money, which Pacquiao could surely use at this time, and Marquez entered the fight looking like the Terminator. Pacquiao had just oat and people were wondering if he was losing his fire to compete. Those questions aren’t there anymore.

Marquez was dominated by Tim Bradley in his last fight and Manny looked to be as fast as ever. Roach seems to just want a fight where Manny can dominate and perhaps force enough buzz to capture the elusive Mayweather fight and pay check.

Roach hinted towards that in his interview with The Boxing Channel:

“Marquez. That’s my number one choice. He finally won and he won’t give us a rematch because he’s living like he’s the greatest thing in the world. I want that one more time. We were fighting a good fight. We were caught. Marquez is a great fighter and him and Manny will get up for each other. You know it’s gonna be another great fight. Mayweather’s number one, of course, but Marquez isn’t too far behind.”

The Mayweather fight is a dream at best right now for Pacquiao. Mayweather can get 40+ mil regardless of opponent and is in no rush to take this “super fight.”

Manny will most likely need wins over Marquez and Bradley to garner a fight with Floyd. That’d place the time table at May of 2015, which would be the final fight of Floyd’s 6-fight contract. Hows that for a storyline?