FSU Could Use Little Known Clause to Not Suspend Jameis if He’s Charge


We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, but I would strongly advise FSU not to do this if Jameis Winston is charged.  Here is a description of the clause courtesy of College Football Talk.

FSU policy is to suspend any player charged with a felony, as was the case with wide receiver Greg Dent this summer. But the Sentinel reported language in FSU athletics’ code of conduct that allows for a player to avoid automatic suspension if “extraordinary circumstances” are present.

It’s a vague, open-ended clause that does give the FSU athletic department some leeway in these situations.

If FSU were to use that clause on Jameis, the backlash would be severe. It has nothing to do with if Jameis is innocent or guilty, but it would appear he is getting special treatment.  It would be seen as the school cares more about football than the alleged rape victim.  The wolves would be out and it would get ugly.

But, at this point there is still nothing to consider, since he hasn’t been charged.