FSU Jameis Winston Being Accused of Sexual Assault

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Here is what we know so far according to TMZ.

Florida State QB Jameis Winston is being investigated for sexual assault, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement and other sources tell TMZ …. a woman filed a sexual assault complaint with the Tallahassee PD on December 7, 2012. She claims the alleged sexual assault was committed with the use of “physical force.’

According to the police report, the motive for the alleged crime was “sexual gratification.” The alleged victim says drinking was involved before the incident.

The police report says on the day in question, someone called the cops at 4:01 AM.  When police arrived, we’re told there were photos taken of the alleged victim’s injuries as well as physical evidence collected.

According to the police report, the incident occurred in an apartment.  

Winston is described in the police report as “muscular” and his demeanor as “polite.”

Just like everyone else, Jameis is innocent until proven guilty. If he is guilty he should be thrown under the jail, if the woman is lying she should be prosecuted and thrown in jail.

Jameis has been interviewed by the police at the scene and no formal charges or arrests have been made.  It has almost been a year since the initial complaint was made.

Here is copy of police report.

TPD Report

FSU has this to say.

The description of the person in the report doesn’t describe Winston at all.  The suspect  is describe as between 5 foot 9 and 5 foot 11 tall and 240 pounds. Winston is 6 foot 4 and 218 pounds.  Winston’s attorney has denied the claim.

“This case has been going on for over a year. The case was basically closed and we’re not sure why it’s opened up,” Jansen said. “We’ve been cooperating with the law enforcement agencies and we’re hoping to get a quick resolution in favor of Mr. Winston.

5 thoughts on “FSU Jameis Winston Being Accused of Sexual Assault

  • All the other media sites are reporting that he was never interviewed by police. Case was closed on February, he was never charged or otherwise mentioned before now. More than likely, he had some involvement, but you’d think that if he was the perp, that evidence they collected from the victim almost a year ago would have lead to an arrest already. My guess is that he was a witness or had 2nd hand knowledge of the incident. TMZ is doing what TMZ does and this is just something to fill the gap until Miley Cyrus licks something while twerking in plastic britches again.

  • why all of the sudden after winston helps fsu to become number two who ever this is want to wake something so negative up?

  • @kamau malik To place a cloud over his head! Who would benefit most if he is not a contender for the Heisman?

  • he did it but they went to cover it up because they need him to win ,but after the games are over ,if he is a real man he would tell what he did

  • What would you want done if this was you daughter? I am sure for him not to keep playing ball and everyone thinking he is so great on the team,,,why do people always think if women said something they are mad or want something….

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