George Karl Thinks Andre Iguodala Fed Warriors Info During 2012 Playoffs


George Karl is making a serious accusation about his former player, Warriors forward Andre Iguodala.

According to CBS Sports, Karl is accusing Iguodala of being a mole, and passing along pertinent team information to his opponent at the time, Mark Jackson and his Golden State Warriors.

Iguodala of course was a member of the Denver Nuggets, before bolting for Golden State via free agency.

Following game five of a rugged series, Mark Jackson called the Nuggets for what he perceived as “dirty play,” citing a Denver mole that fed him such information.

They tried to send hit men on (Stephen Curry), but I give them credit… There were some dirty plays early. It’s playoff basketball; it’s all right. Make no mistake about it: we went up 3-1 playing hard, physical, and clean basketball, not trying to hurt anyone.

“I have inside information that some people don’t like that brand of basketball, and they clearly didn’t co-sign it so they wanted to let me know that they had no part in what was taking place.”

After months of pondering, Karl now believes it was Iguodala via  Via Dave Krieg.

Q: Do you think Andre Iguodala was Mark Jackson’s “mole”?

A: No question.

Q: Does that bug you?

A: I just think that’s media hype. I mean, that series was not a physical series. Everybody wants to be more aggressive with the guy kicking your ass, so . . . .

Q: The media didn’t say it. Jackson said it.

A: I thought Mark had a lot of tricks in that series that were bush- . . . I don’t know. I don’t know what they were. Almost high-schoolish. They were beneath the NBA level. And they might have worked. They might have motivated his young team in a good way. You know, he’d announce a starting lineup and start another guy. C’mon, man. You think we’re not ready for that?