GF of Ex-Vikings A.J. Jefferson Says He Chokeslammed Her

AJ Jefferson Mugshot

If her account is true, he should be in jail, but this just isn’t about athletes, but men in general. Going to jail or being arrested normally will have an effect on your professional life, so you have to keep your hands to yourself.

I don’t care how mad you are, you just have to figure out another way to blow off steam. In A.J. Jefferson’s case his inability to control his temper cost him his NFL job.

According to the Eden Prairie Police Department in MN … the accuser told cops she and AJ got into an argument on November 25 after a night on the town. She says things got so bad, he went to a neighbor’s home and she went to sleep in the guest room of her home.

The GF claims AJ returned to their home and confronted her about ignoring his text messages — and that’s when things got violent.

The GF told police AJ “grabbed her neck and she could not breathe.” He then “picked her up by the neck” and threw her off the bed and onto the floor.

Cops say the GF went to a police station after the incident with red marks on both sides of her neck — and that’s why officials decided to charge Jefferson with a crime.

Jefferson is looking at a 3-year jail sentence if convicted.