Giants on Dez Bryant: “Be Physical, He Doesn’t Like To Be Touched”


Well this gameplan may not turn out to well for the G-Men.

Dez Bryant is having the type of season that will get him mention with the best wide receivers in the game today.

Bryant is tied for sixth in the league in receiving touchdowns with eight so far this year and is averaging over 14 yards a reception.

Bryant is a physical nightmare, and according to the Star Ledger, the Giants plan to use that physicality against him this week.

“Get your hands on him,” Giants safety Will Hill said. “He doesn’t like to be touched, like most receivers in this league. But really him. He doesn’t like to be touched.”

“You just have to be physical with him,” Amukamara said. “He’s a big guy. You just have to use his medicine against him. I think that is the key.”

The Giants would prefer to be physical with Bryant at the line of scrimmage, rather than allow him to catch the ball, and turn his physical nature loose on defenders.

“Yeah, once he gets the ball, [he’s physical],” Hill said. “He has to get in his route in order to get the ball. Just like any receiver, if you get your hands on him before they can get into their route, it’s hard to get him the ball when you disrupt their routes.”