Grambling Must Pay Fine, Play Next Three Years at JSU For Forfeiting Game


Grambling Football Protest

After forfeiting the October 19th game against Jackson State (JSU’s homecoming) because they players were boycotting unsafe conditions, the SWAC has issued a ruling in the matter. Grambling will pay an undisclosed fine which can be up to $20K and play the next three games in the series at Jackson State.

Jackson State will also receive money from the SWAC that will come directly from Grambling’s conference distribution money. All in all, Grambling will get a pretty sizable punishment which is well deserved given the conditions they had the players in.

The thing that isn’t such a good look for Grambling is that they will appeal this. To me, that’s a bad move because the public opinion of you cutting corners and not taking care of your athletes just get worse by going that route. They should just release a statement saying they accept full responsibility and move on.


  1. As a graduate of Grambling State University, I believe that they should just take their lumps and move on! What’s done is done!

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