Greg Monroe, Gordon Hayward Among 2010 Draftees with No Extension by Deadline

Greg Monroe

The NBA’s deadline to sign members of the 2010 draft class to extensions has come and gone. Any player not signed, is officially headed towards restricted free agency once the season concludes.

The only players from the class that did sign extensions include Paul George, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors, Larry Sanders, and Quincy Pondexter. So if only six players signed what exactly does that mean for the rest of the loaded class?

Restricted free agency will be extremely interesting.

Players like Greg Monroe, Gordon Hayward, Eric Bledsoe, Evan Turner, and Avery Bradley will now be able to sign offer sheets with teams other than the ones they were drafted with. In cases like Hayward and Bledsoe expect the Jazz and Suns to match any offer, but with somebody like Monroe things can get a bit interesting.

The Pistons have a loaded front court with the likes of Josh Smith and Andre Drummond. If things don’t exactly mesh ast he season goes along, don’t be shocked if Monroe finds himself on the trading block.