Home Depot Apologizes for Tweeting Racially Insensitive Photo For College Gameday


Home Depot Monkey Tweet

Obviously, the Home Depot didn’t think this one all the way through.

They have apologized and deleted the Tweet, but you have to think before you Tweet. You are telling me no one at Home Depot thought people might get offended seeing two blacks guys and a white guy in a monkey mask being compared to each other?

Use your brain people, it is a tool.

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  1. Bullshit Robert! Home Depot knew exactly what they were doing! Anytime you see racist corporate images such as this, you best believe they are fully aware of their actions. Home Depot’s PR department will be working hard to supress this!
    Perfect example are the Adidas slave shoes!

  2. How is the racist? Were the 2 black guys made to do it by force have they been asked about it? This was not racial at all. Please black people stop making everything about race cause it is not you are the ones that seem to think everything is racist not most people.

  3. I don’t get what HD was trying to say…maybe their competition are monkeys? I also don’t see what’s racist?

    I am sure the agency involved didn’t say lets make a racist tweet.

    If we make everything about race the issue will never go away. Instead of reading in to things cant we just take them at face value?

    If I saw this without all the hype I wouldn’t of thought about it as racist.

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