Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Says He Isn’t Primary Suspect; Police Won’t Confirm


The latest in the Jameis Winston alleged sexual assault investigation has unfolded. According to ESPN, Winston’s attorney says that his client is being investigated for his “potential involvement” and has been ruled out as the primary suspect in the case.

The details of the investigation are completely muddled and everything seems entirely too sketchy. This appears to be a win for Jameis, but nothing will be certain until the State Attorney makes his decision.

8 thoughts on “Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Says He Isn’t Primary Suspect; Police Won’t Confirm

  • TMZ should be the one to announce the details of this…..and apologize if and when it is confirmed. Just dirty scumbags that are never held accountable for their actions….Wait, they take that from a page in Obama’s playbook, so I guess it is okay for a media outlet if it is okay for the President….

    • I agree. They went out of their way to try and ruin a 19 year olds career and life for a story. Those scumbags at tmz need to be held accountable. It’s one thing if they go after Chris Brown or someone with a criminal past already but a young kid who has done nothing wrong. Just plain out disgusting journalism.

    • I’m just curious. Can you write a grocery list without dissing BHO? This attempt is just plain stupid.

  • TMZ needs to be held accountable for this. You can’t just drag a kid through the mud like this with no evidence. And there appears to be NO EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING!!!!

    Manzel must have paid for this investigation because its going to get him the Heisman.

    • Jake says TMZ needs to be held accountable for accusing him of something with no evidence.

      Goes on to accuse Manziel of paying for an investigation to slander Winston. smh.

  • If it wasn’t for the Heisman this wouldn’t have ever been mentioned, I hope the TMZ pays for the damage they have done and in the meantime we are praying for Winston and the Team.

  • I find it ridiculous that IF there was a sexual assault and Jameis was a suspect, they did not bring him in for questioning and a lineup. The alleged assailant was described as someone at least a few inches shorter and a bit heavier and having STRAIGHT hair. Really?! The only thing Jameis has in common with the alleged assailant is that he is a male and has 2 arms and 2 legs. TMZ is a soulless collection of smut merchants. They can burn in hell.

  • I would love to know the school the reporters graduated from. I suspect UF 1st and then Texas AM next. Too much money to lose for Texas and UF are a dirty nasty group of fans that would do anything to hide their horrible year. They need recruits. Now the story gets interesting. Who dug this up and why?

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