Jameis Winston’s Attorney Concerned About Fair Investigation


Today Jameis Winston’s Attorney Tim Jansen emailed a statement to ESPN’s Josina Anderson. Winston has been part of an investigation into a sexual assault that took place over a year ago. Police have yet to rule him out, but his attorney had the following to say about the investigation:

We are deeply concerned by State Attorney William Meggs unprecedented decision to engage in numerous press interviews and make extrajudicial statements about his ongoing investigation.

The Tallahassee Democrat has reported that not only did Mr. Meggs engage in a press interview addressing a supposedly confidently law enforcement investigation, but his comments included inferences that witnesses whom have been available to law enforcement for nearly a year may have been effected by attorneys and collusion.

Such extrajudicial public statements at this early point in his investigation raise concerns in the minds of Mr. Winston and the public that the Mr. Meggs may not be conducting the objective, fair, and unbiased investigation which is the right of every person involved in the criminal justice system.

We respect the immense power Mr. Meggs has in his investigative process and pray that he will objectively analyze the facts as he finds them, refrain from further extrajudicial public comment, and take all necessary steps to ensure that this matter comes to a quick resolution.

We are confident that if those steps are taken, this cloud will be lifted and Mr. Winston will be full exonerated of any wrongdoing.

There has been something off about this whole thing all along but we have to continue to wait for all the facts to emerge. I do that since the State’s Attorney has been talking publicly, they need to either arrest Winston or completely clear him quickly. It’s not ok for them to leave this hanging out there.

2 thoughts on “Jameis Winston’s Attorney Concerned About Fair Investigation

  • Willie Meggs the SA in The Winston case has a very biased track record regarding blacks. Jameis may get railroaded. Google Willie Meggs.

  • If Winston’s attorney really believes there is misconduct he has a duty and obligation to file a complaint. Otherwise shut the hell up.

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