Jameis Winston’s Attorney Worried About BCS Game & Heisman Votes


I am more worried about the truth coming out than Heisman Votes or FSU’s ability to win the National Championship.

If Winston is innocent, any individual who falsely accused him should be punished, but right now the only thing anyone should be worried about is the truth.

Attorney Tim Jansen said uncertainty over whether the investigation will lead to criminal charges is unfairly affecting Winston’s reputation. He added the delay might have an impact on the school’s chances of winning the BCS National Championship and Winston’s chances of winning the Heisman.

“We expressed our concern for the delay,” Jansen told USA TODAY Sports, “that it’s gonna harm (Winston) and the university. A quicker decision would be beneficial to all, including public citizens.”

“We would hope that the voters out there that are considering the Heisman Trophy would understand and realize that Mr. Winston has not been charged with any criminal act and we believe he will be exonerated,” Jansen said.

But he said, “I would think (the uncertainty) would harm his chances.”

It doesn’t matter if it takes a week or a month, the important thing is that it is done correctly and fairly.