Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Says Witnesses Prove His Innocence


You know the one big problem with all of this?

No one has ever exactly said what Jameis’ connection is to the sexual assault. We know there was an alleged sexual assault, we know Jameis name came up and we know he got a lawyer. But, the police, FSU or Jameis’ lawyer are explaining what exactly does he need to be cleared of.

Here is a good example of what I am talking about, the lawyer says there are witnesses proving Jameis’ innocence, but doesn’t clarify what those witnesses saw.

The lawyer for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston said Thursday two witnesses who were with Winston last year when an alleged sexual assault occurred will corroborate Winston’s account of the event.

Tim Jansen told ESPN.com that Winston was being investigated for “his potential involvement” in an incident in December 2012. Jansen provided police with affidavits from two witnesses earlier this week, and he said at least one of those witnesses has already been interviewed by police and another is in the process of being interviewed.

The problem is we don’t know Winston’s account.

One small piece of information that should be noted is that Winston has decided not to talk to the police, which is your right as an American. You don’t have to speak with the police even if they ask.

Until there are some details on what exactly happened in that apartment, it would be wise not to pass judgement on anyone.