Jeff Fisher Says Michael Brockers Penalty was a Mistake


Jeff Fisher disagrees with a ‘roughing the passer’ call that Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers was flagged for in Sunday’s game against the Bears, so he’s speaking out about it. NBC Sports reports that Fisher spoke to the media about the penalty and this was what he had to say:

“They’re going to make a mistake every once in a while, and I think it was clear to everybody that there was a mistake made.”

Brockers even admitted to being genuinely surprised by the call but isn’t making a big stink about it.

“To be honest with you I didn’t know it was a roughing the passer until I got on the sideline. I thought it was a pass interference call because [the hit] was so clean.”

“The athletes in this league are so big and so strong, I mean, stuff happens quick. And you can’t expect the referees — the human eye — to catch everything.”

At least Fisher and the Rams didn’t have to worry about the call affecting the outcome of the game. The Rams easily won the matchup by a score of 42-21.