Jerry Jones Says Cowboys Need to Get Ball to Dez Bryant More


Dez Bryant isn’t the only Cowboy that’s been frustrated with how he is being used in the offensive game plan. According to the Dallas Morning News, Jerry Jones doesn’t think the Cowboys are getting the ball to Dez enough.

“We need to get him the ball more. I think that’s the kind of thing that is a reasonable thing that you can adjust over a two-week period that we’re going into with our bye. How do we work to get him the ball more?”

Over the last three games, the Cowboys star WR has totaled 10 catches and amazingly only 1 catch in the Saints beat down of the Cowboys Sunday night.  It’s clear the Jerry Jones has a point, but no one really knows how HC Jason Garrett feels about any of this, since it seems Jerry has apparently limited his ability to speak to the media.