Jerry Jones Says Dez Bryant is Maturing But They Need More

Dez Bryant Struggle

With all the talk about Dez Bryant lately being animated on the sidelines, you tend to forget that he is just 24. He has had a history of on and off the field issues but nothing has been too bad recently. Jerry Jones says there has been an improvement:

“I can only say that, off the field, in terms of his responsibility, doing things, attending meetings, being the kind of off-the-field citizen of the team, player of the team, then there has been dramatic improvement from when he got out of college,” Jones said on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM 105.3. “But we need more. Plus, it’s one that you really want to continue to get better.”

The team and Jerry himself have gone over the top to praise Bryant since the little dustup on the sidelines. It seems like a bit much to me but hey maybe Dez is changing.